Friends of Bronte Creek Park 



Friends of Bronte Creek Park 


What are the “Friends”?

Founded in 1995, the Friends of Bronte Creek Park is a community based, non-profit charitable organisation dedicated to enhancing the natural, cultural and educational resources of Bronte Creek Provincial Park in Oakville. Formed entirely of passionate volunteers, the Friends work tirelessly to support educational programming and research within the park, as well as contribute to building and trail maintenance. These programs include interpretive, educational, scientific, and historical objectives.

friends1All of our members are volunteers. Some join as volunteers to donate their time and skills to various projects around the park while others join as members so they can contribute financially to support the Friends and the projects that we undertake in the park. 100% of the donations that we receive and profits that we make are used to fund projects within the park.


What We Have Been Doing


The Friends fund and support numerous projects within the park. Some require only financial assistance such as the summer student program or funding a new computer for the education program while others require volunteers to donate their time to make the projects successful. Some of our recent and / or planned projects include:

  • Provide information via our website
  • Furnish and drive wagon tours (summer weekends)
  • Support the annual Victorian Christmas Festival
  • Provide crosscut saw demonstrations at the Maple Festival
  • Provide and service animal-feed dispensers on farms
  • Purchase of a laptop to facilitate environmental evening programs at the campground
  • Assist in restoration to Spruce Lane Farm House and farm
  • A new fall Harvest Festival to highlight local agricultural practices in the late Victorian period

We currently have a list of more than fifty projects that we will be pursuing.


We have several committees that you might have an interest in participating in. Each of them has their own area of focus and we should have something that interests everyone!

  • Board (6-8 Directors)
  • Finance and Administration including Technology Support
  • Program and Operations
  • Public Relations
  • Volunteer Recruitment
  • Fundraising

The Friends of Bronte Creek are looking for volunteers to work as interpreters, trail technicians, historical skills demonstrators, tractor drivers, gardeners, mail deliverers, campsite visitation, webmaster, grant coordinators, fundraisers, special event organizers and support staff. We encourage you to consider becoming a member or a volunteer and helping the Friends improve Bronte Creek Park. A full list of our current projects requiring volunteer support can be found under Friends Projects.



Friends Meetings:

The Friends of Bronte Creek meet on the second Tuesday of each month at the park office just past Parking lot C in the Park. If interested in attending, please contact the Friends for the next scheduled meeting date.