Friends of Bronte Creek Park 



Friends of Bronte Creek Park 


Board of Directors

friends8The Friends of Bronte Creek Park is incorporated as a non profit charitable organization. We are a completely volunteer based organization and we annually elect our governing board from our members at large. The board is charged with ensuring that the organization meets its legal requirements to continue operations as a charity and selects the projects and events that the organization will support at the park.

Our board is composed of 6-10 members. Current composition of the board is as follows:


Doug Entwistle President  
Sheldon Rodrigues                  Vice President  
Joanne Wright Director Volunteers  
Mindy Verwayne Treasurer  
Wendy Davidson Director Grants and Donations  
Dave O'Halloran Secretary  
Colleen Moriarty Director at Large  
Tim Noonan Director Garden Operations  
Gwyneth Riichardson Director Artisan Activiitiies  









The board meets monthly on the second Tuesday of the month in the park office. Volunteers and members of the public are welcome to attend with prior notice but are not permitted to vote on board issues. We are actively recruiting board members so please contact us if you are interested!