Friends of Bronte Creek Park 



Friends of Bronte Creek Park 


School Groups

Bronte Creek Provincial Park is committed to providing quality outdoor education that excites and inspires our visitors. Let our staff take your group on a journey of discovery as you explore topics such as Victorian Heritage, Species at Risk, Biodiversity and much more. 

Call our school bookings line at 905-827-6911 ext. 231 to make your reservation or e-mail our booking coordinator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Programs can be taken as stand-alone or try out our full ECO-IMMERSION experience! Consider booking either our Nature or Heritage emersion packages which include an at your school, at the park and videoconference program option. These packages truly bring learning alive and provide an opportunity for your class to become connected with a local resource in a new and exciting way.



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      "Nature Explorartion"

Take learning to the next level by experiencing nature and history first hand. A visit to Bronte Creek provides oppertunities for students to participate in place-based learning, explore the local landscape and re-connect with nature. Let our staff take your class on an adventure of discovery in our natural oasis in the heart of an urban landscape.

Click here for fees, FAQ, park maps and more information to help plan your in-park field trip.


Click on your grade to see what programs we are currently offering.

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in school icon AT YOUR SCHOOL

     "Naturalist in the Classroom"

The Naturalist in the Classroom program is an opportunity for our staff to connect students with nature and history at your school. Choose from a wide variety of curriculum linked programs that bring learning alive at your site.

Our in-school programs are still FREE to reserve but this is subject to change.


Click on your grade to see what programs we are currently offering. We will be frequently updating the program options, so make sure to check back if you don’t currently see an option for your grade.

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video conference icon BY VIDEOCONFERENCE


Connect your students with a Park Naturalist to prepare for your upcoming field trip, check-in and discuss your post-program projects, ask questions, or have a staff led program presented remotely through our video-conferencing option. This is a great way to extend your program throughout your school year and enhance your current lessons to include local resources. 


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Call our school bookings line at 905-827-6911 ext. 231 to make your reservation or e-mail our booking coordinator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.