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Maple Syrup Festival 

Every weekend in March and the week of March Break

Maple tours, Victorian Farm House, Games and Entertainment

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Survival Adaptations

Nature ProgramIMG 0574

In the fight to stay alive, living things need to compete for their survival and adaptations help them do this. Figure out how each adaptation helps a living thing as we explore 5 interesting species at Bronte Creek. How do their different strategies help them adapt to outsmart other species and the pressures of their habitats?

Duration: 60 minutes

Capacity: 1 class; up to 30 students

Price: FREE*

What to expect: Students will work together to decide if each of the new species adaptaiton they are introduced to help it get food, water, air, space, or shelter better then other species. Activities, real animal aretifacts, and demonstrations will give students the information to lead them to discovery. 

This program is well suited for both indoor and outdoor spaces




Building a Farmstead

Heritage Programprint making 3

Learn how people lived off the land and used its natural features to help establish their communities. Discover what materials were in the area that helped shaped their lives and structures through activities, demonstrations, and art.

Duration: 60 minutes

Capacity: 1 class; up to 30 students

Price: FREE*

What to expect: Students will learn about different materials available in the area that affected the jobs people had and their relationship with the land through hands on activities. The final activity of this program is an art activity using markers where students will print gift wrap using block printing techniques. All the materials for this are supplied including washable, non-toxic markers. 

This program is suited for indoor spaces where tables are available.



Additional program options for Grade 1 classes include our all ages program Expert at your Service or Prop Tables.


*prices are subject to change