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All Grades


Looking to enhance a library session, after-school event or lunch period? Why not invite an Ontario Parks staff member to your school with some of our amazing touch-ables and resources? We can set-up a discovery table just about anywhere with interesting things for students to touch and feel, explore and wonder about. A great way to start conversations and get students minds thinking about nature in a new way!

Duration: 45 – 60 minutes

Capacity: variable based on needs of school

Price: FREE*

What to expect: staff will set-up our discovery table supplies on a provided table at the location of your choice. Students, staff, and parents drop by to explore the different resources we’ve brought to enhance your school day or event.



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Program Description

Things to consider

Fun with Furs

Did you know you can tell where an animal lives by the “style” of its fur? Solve the mystery –   match the animal to where it lives in Ontario based on how their fur feels.

Real animal pelts available to touch

Things with Wings

2 wings, 4 wings, gliding or hovering – discover how the mechanics of wings help animals move, hunt and survive.

Real bird feathers and wings available to touch

Birds, Birds, Birds

Not all birds are built the same, learn what makes them unique for different habitats and survival.

Real parts of birds (wings, feet, feathers, bones) available to touch

Tracks and Scat

A traditional favorite topic for a kid – Poop. We take it from silly to serious – learn what an ecologist can learn about an animal based on their poop or prints.

Real preserved specimens available for viewing in sealed containers

Slime and Scales

Discover some of the interesting adaptations that help amphibians and reptiles to survive.

Real turtle shells, bones, and snake skins available to touch

Giants of the Forest

Explore the diverse world of Ontario’s trees; their structure, uses and threats.

Real parts of trees including bark, leaves, and wood available to touch

Species at Risk

What is a Species at Risk and why is it at risk? Learn about how to help Ontario’s most vulnerable species.

Real preserved specimens available for viewing in sealed containers

Accidental Introductions

Discover how exotic species introduction can happen and the role we play.  Identify some accidentally and intentionally introduced species and learn how they have adapted.

Real preserved specimens available for viewing in sealed containers

*prices are subject to change