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Friends of Bronte Creek

  • Who are the friends of Bronte Creek
  • Friends projects
  • How you can contribute
  • Friends Meetings and events
  • Membership forms

    Who are the friends of Bronte Creek
    The Friends of Bronte Creek are a non profit organisation dedicated to……

    Friends projects
    The Friends of Bronte Creek focus on projects that support education and research within the park and help increase the parks profile in the community. Recent projects include the development of new trail head signs at the Half Moon Valley, Trillium and Maiden's Blush Trails and an interpretive panel for the large white oak tree located near Parking Lot A.

    Projects currently under way include the development of trail guides for all of the interpretive trails and a children's activity book.

    How you can contribute
    The Friends of Bronte Creek are looking for volunteers to work as interpreters, trail technicians, tractor drivers, gardeners, mail deliverers, campsite visitation, webmaster, grant coordinators, fundraisers, special event organizers and support staff.

    Friends Meetings and events
    The Friends of Bronte Creek meet once a month at the historic Tyrell House located at Parking lot A in Bronte Creek Provincial Park. If interested in attending, please contact the Friends for the next scheduled meeting date.

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    Membership forms
    Contact Friends of Bronte Creek
    for a membership form.

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