Friends of Bronte Creek Park 


Self-guided Activities

Want to extend your Bronte Creek experience before or after your staff-led program? Check out these awesome activities you can do with your group on your own.


DSC 0064    1. Take a walk down Gnome road to see where the local Gnomes and Fairies live. Keep your eyes peeled for their homes along the hillside section of Maidens Blush Trail or follow the signs from the Playbarn.

   2. Keep your eyes peeled for all the interesting species that call the park home while you hike along one of our many trails. Check out all our trail information HERE

   3. Bring some balls, bats and gloves and get a game of baseball started at one of our baseball diamonds. To see where these are located; check out our PARK MAPS

chickens2   4. Spend some time in the Playbarn. This retro-fitted barn now houses one of the most fun climbing structures around. Click here for more information about the PLAYBARN

   5. Visit with the farm animals around the Children's Farm near the Playbarn. Typical farm friends include; chickens, goats, pigs, cows, a rabbit and a peacock.

   6. We've got more farm animals you can visit down at parking lot F near Spruce Lane Farmhouse. Typical farm friends include; pigs, cows, and turkeys.

   7. The many large, open fields around the park are great for playing games, picnicing or teaching a lesson outside.

   8. Bring your own disc's to play disc golf at the disc golf course located between parking lot D and F.

   9. Visit the large White Oak tree near parking lot A. Its impressive size and old age make it a wonder to behold.

  10. Visit one of our many playgrounds for some classic school yard fun.


Ask our knowledgeable park staff for additional self-guided activity options to help make your visit memorable.